Important Announcement #2

This is a follow-up on previous announcements made earlier to some Jenny Bakery Customers who booked their CNY cookies before 29/Dec/2017.

(See Last Announcement Click Here: )

We are glad to announce that all customers who has booked thru us (Before 30/Dec/2017) earlier for (2ML/2SS/COF/CSS) will get their allocation as requested. (That means whatever you have booked, we have the stock for you)

At this moment Jenny Bakery @ Hong Kong is still not selling (2ML/COF) until further notice. That means when you go and buy from HK, you cannot get these products.

However, Singapore has extra but limited stocks for 2ML/2SS to sell on top of all the extra allocation to those who has booked earlier.

COF/CSS will not be available for new booking but those booked earlier, will get your allocation as requested.

 What do you need to do? Nothing.

Just wait for an SMS for collection or delivery on the week that you have booked.

If you have any question, please do Whatsapp us below

Team Jenny Bakery
92357320-Christine (Whatsapp Only please)
18/Jan/2018 (Thu)


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